Seeds and Palms

The seeds are produced in our gardens planted in Colombia. The palm kernel oil Dami D x P Flowers has excellent fruit yield per hectare and likewise has the best potential of oil per bunch. D x P seeds Dami Flowers have a very early production starting when driving conditions are suitable for 22-24 months after sowing in final site. Production potential in several areas of the country and with good agronomic support may exceed 35 tons of fruit per hectare / year.




Organic conditioners or amendments are natural products that improve soil structure and provide nutrients while enhancing the chemical conditions, further providing beneficial microorganisms to soils. With this, the root respiration is favored, increases water holding capacity, accelerates mineralization reactions in the soil, increases the cation exchange capacity, reduce erosion, by mobilizing its chelating power and macro elements increase the efficiency of nutrients, the presence of humic acids promotes radical and leaf development. Overall, the contribution of compost in the soil gives life to them.