Grupo Empresarial Oleoflores is committed to the highest sustainability, environmental and social responsibility standards, creating value for its shareholders, affiliates, employees, customers and suppliers through social and industrial development models.

Our goals have become a reality; turning the agro- industry into a profitable business, focusing on its development and investing in it with a forward-looking, participatory approach, has enabled us to consolidate our agricultural production and strengthen industrial growth.

We bring development to all the regions where we are present, sharing our knowledge and giving added economic value to the work and efforts of all who believe in the oil palm.



We are a national and international agro-industrial group and fully integrated in the entire oil palm productive chain. We are committed to meeting sustainability, environmental and social responsibility standards, focused on creating value for our shareholders, partners, employees, clients and suppliers, thorough social and industrial projects.


We envision ourselves as a global consolidated integrated oil palm agro-industrial group. We hope to increase our competitiveness by being innovative and effective, using best practices in all our procedures and processes with high technological development and profound social awareness.


  • First Biodiesel producer in Colombia (2007).
  • Leading oil palm grower with more than 50.000 planted hectares.
  • Seeds, agricultural services, investment, biofuels, oils, margarines, fatty stages for other industries.
  • 36 partnerships that group more than 1600 farmers, recognized as strategic partners.
  • More than 1600 direct and indirect employees.