The main purpose of "Fundación Educativa Nuestra Señora de las Flores" is to foster the wellbeing of the families and employees of the Group companies.

The foundation has a school - located on the premises of Hacienda Las Flores in Codazzi, Cesar - that provides free education to 250 young people, children of our employees, in grades first through eleventh of the Colombian high school equivalent.
The foundation, which is directed by Mrs. Maria Victoria de Murgas has a social work department, which coordinates programs for employees and their families.


We are a Foundation committed to the social development of our municipality, to educating entrepreneurial individuals that are respectful of the environment, love agriculture and industry. We teach values, science and technology that will result in a comprehensive education and the construction of new knowledge that assist in the transformation of our region into an agro-industrial production center.


"Fundación Educativa Nuestra Señora de las Flores" in the next decade will be the leading education institution in the municipality of Codazzi and Department of Cesar, educating integral, competitive, responsible individuals with democratic principles. It will be recognized as a research and advisory center in the generation of agro-industrial processes, aimed to further the technological and scientific development of the region.


The purpose of "Fundación para el Desarrollo Social de los Montes de Maria" is to promote citizenship, values and customs that enable the comprehensive development of the families in its area of influence.

We want to foster livelihood projects that allow the betterment of living conditions of the population in the region and the creation of legal sources of employment. Our main objective is to develop education programs that meet the real needs of the communities in the region and that contribute to increase the income of the family group. In addition, we assist in developing rural housing self-construction projects and other infrastructure projects that will be the foundations to support family union.


We seek to promote social development in Montes de Maria and the neighboring communities of Extractora Maria La Baja S.A. company, by creating wellbeing and community development, under the company´s social responsibility guidelines.


Our vision is to be recognized at local, regional, national and international level for our leadership in education, community management, business development, and strategic alliances that allow betterment of the Montes de Maria region.


The Foundation carried out a census of ten academic, agro-industrial and aquaculture education, The purpose was to counsel students in grades ten and eleven towards the technical, technological and professional programs of their choice at State-owned technical and vocational school, SENA. as a result, course offers were expanded in the four centers that operate in Cartagena: the Agribusiness and Mining center, Services and Trade center, Petrochemical for Industry center, and Nautical center.


A diagnosis carried out by FUNDEMARIA in the hamlet of Colú, revealed that one the most pressing needs for the population was the creation of a health center. For this reason, the Foundation built a center with the support of Extractora de la Palma S.A., Promotora Hacienda Las Flores S.A. and the community. With the is service, not only are the residents of Colú provided health care but inhabitants of Cedritos, Nueva Florida, Nueva Esperanza and Guarismo. Works concluded in April 2010.